Chairman Word

One of the main objectives of the King Abdulaziz Department is to seek to serve the history, geography, literature and heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular and the Arab and Islamic countries in general in many axes and fields. Since its inception by Royal Decree No. (M/45) on 5/8/1392H (1972G), i.e. for more than 40 years, the Department has been continuing its march in preserving, documenting and studying Saudi history.

This has resulted in the establishment of many databases in the department, including the national manuscripts database, the oral history database, the historical photographs database, the historical documents database, the King Abdulaziz database in foreign documents, the museum database, the biographical database, and many other databases, which include thousands of documents, references and rare and historical sources.

Whereas it is incumbent upon the Department to preserve these valuable resources and preserve them for our future generations as a history and an important and major source about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as work to make them available to researchers and those interested through modern media and technical means. The Department established and established the “Saudi Digital History Center” to establish and establish a scientific and professional reference in preserving and making available these scientific sources and references. By the grace of God, officials in the Ministry of Education were adopted to establish the center, aware of the active and important role it plays, and the Ministry has graciously supported the center as part of its initiative “Saudi Research Centers of Excellence”.

On this occasion, the King Abdulaziz Foundation and those in charge of the “Saudi Digital History Center” invite all specialists and those interested in the field, tasks and objectives of the Center, to communicate with the Center and participate in its scientific and professional projects and research, to establish a scientific reference that frames the development of standards, policies and procedures related to the preservation and processing of information sources in accordance with the best technical practices, as the Center is a national center that aims, through its programs and projects, to serve all information centers and institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and seeks to be The center is a scientific reference for all information centers and institutions in the Arab world.