The Saudi Center for Digital Content is one of the unique centers of excellence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world, as the center is concerned with an important and vital aspect in the field of preserving and processing information, digital transformation and digital archiving operations in accordance with the latest developments and modern technical developments.
The establishment of the center also comes in line with the directions of the eighth development plan of the state (1425 AH / 1426-1429 AH / 1430 AH) and in 1441 / Rabi’ al-Awwal / 30 / the Board of Directors approved the transfer of the name to the Saudi Center for Digital Content (Digm) with a strategic and executive plan that contributes to keeping pace with the trend towards a knowledge economy and in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, especially the digital transformation program.

The Center gains its importance from its role in serving various information sources and materials through the development of standards, policies and standard procedures for the preservation and conversion of those sources into digital formats. In addition to its role in qualifying and training specialists and workers on digital transformation processes and mechanisms, according to the latest specifications and standards and using the latest technologies and equipment in this field. Based on the accumulated experience of its employees, the Center has supervised the implementation of many digital transformation projects. Believing in the capabilities and capabilities of the Center, the Center has implemented digital transformation projects in line with international standards, applying best practices and using the latest technologies for digital transformation.

Our Message

Leadership in digitizing Saudi heritage treasures

Our Vision

The national scientific and technical reference and the leading provider of digitization services, digital preservation and accessibility, as well as enriching the post-digitization processes.

The Center Seeks To Achieve The Following Goals

The Center Seeks To Achieve The Following Goals

  • Leadership in digitizing Saudi heritage treasures
  • Define descriptive controls for preserving and managing digitized historical content
  • Building specialized expertise in the field of digitization and exchanging experiences with international centers
  • Providing high-level advanced digitization services
  • Providing consultations to the target parties
  • Contribute to the development of technical regulations related to the digitization of historical content

Beneficiaries And The Target Environment

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The center cooperates with some sectors to achieve the maximum benefit for the beneficiaries of its content, namely